“我們的相遇只是一剎那的摩擦 | 2015” is a photographic project focus on the estrangement between people around the city.


This project is inspired by some daily experience. For example, after a train leave the platform, it starts to accelerate in speed. A person standing on the platform sometimes will have eye contact with the person inside the train, although it is just a really short period of time. The train will then leave the platform. The person inside the train will leave with the train, you may never see this person again in your whole life. In the project, I start to think about the relationships between strangers. The distance between the people is so far and at the same time the connection is so weak.


The project aims to create a space that enlarges the insignificance of the identities. Under the whole universe, we are so vague and not important.


| Digital print on Fine Art paper | Framed | A set of 3 | 250cm X 84cm | 2015 |