unfolded hkcaa.jpg

Unfolded (2012) is a photographic project makes me rethink and redefine my photography. The obsession of perfection and orderliness is one of my characters reflected in the photo. And the admiration of the patterns, color in the city makes me motivated in photography. I built a space in-between realistic and unrealistic. I used photographs to unfold the building from inside symbolising people peeling off rare animal skin.

This project had awarded the Hong Kong Contemporary Award 2012 and was exhibited in Oct 2013 at the Hong Kong Museum of Art and became a permanent collection.


“Twin Tower” as known as “patio building” is one of the special residential block design of Hong Kong public housing in the 70s - 80s. And it is an extinct design in Hong Kong public housing. Hong Kong architect Mr. Donald Liao Poon Huai, CBE, JP was the designer of the building. The former Secretary of Administration and the head of Hong Kong Housing Department.


| Digital print on photo paper | Framed | 110cm X 100cm | 2012 |